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I received the attached flyer from this morning with an order.
I don't know if I am allowed to post this here, so if I shouldn't have, please remove it.

I am not forcing anyone to vote, it's your choice.

today is the last day for voting!

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Young Col

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Thanks for the reminder, Mandy.
I note there are separate categories for specialist retailer and independent retailer which has allowed me to cast two different votes.
On the subject of, JonF and I went down to the Crowborough shop on Monday night for the free Snake Davis masterclass. A very interesting evening and even though he does more pop/rock stuff than I usually listen to, I picked up a lot of tips. This forced me to sit in bed with a cup of tea on Tuesday morning (a pleasure of retirement!) scribbling down in my notebook everything I distilled as useful - and some that might not be - from the night before. Thanks to Jules and his colleagues for laying on a good evening.


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I'd already voted for Events like the masterclass on Monday, the quality of advice and service and the sheer range of instruments makes me a very satisfied customer of OK, I buy saxes from all sorts of places, but when it came to lashing out some serious money on a tenor for life, it was the place for me.

I really enjoy the Snake Davis masterclasses I've been to there. And the funny thing is, last night, even though I was absolutely knackered, when I played my tenor I felt I was adding a little bit more to my playing. Inspiration from Snake. Thanks guys.


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Thanks for pointing this out Mandy, votes made. Although I've only been there once, the service and advice I received was fantastic!
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