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Music for you Summer School


Is this the one you mean?
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have you got a link to the site?

Yeah, sorry I wrote this too quickly at work. The link is http://www.musicforyousummerschools.co.uk/jazz.htm it's from 15th - 21st August and sponsored by John Packer, the course director is Andy Hague, and the tenor teacher is Ed Jones (ex Us3 and Icognito). I've booked in and can't wait!
Anyone else going or been?
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Whilst I have not attended thye summer school. I do know a few of the players/tutors on the jazz course as well as Dawn and Mick Buxton who run the course - I have ben to listen to the end of course jazz "jam" when the course was run at Bicton in Devon and I have also seen the wind band concert run at the end of the same summer school very good indeed.
A couple of customers I have go on them regularly and speak well of the course.

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