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Studies music for b flat soprano

Anything for Tenor sax will be in the same key (just sound higher than it's supposed to on your Sop), and things like 100 Great Solos - no problem playing the alto versions of these unless you're trying to busk along with the original recording!
All sizes of saxes have the same written range, and Tenor and Soprano are both pitched in Bb, so all the music's pretty interchangeable. As for where to find it? Your local music shop should have a good selection, and there's always Amazon if you can't find one.

If you are learning to read music as well, get a book with tunes you know well.
Then you see how the written music matches the sound.
If you buy something on ebay of the '100 best tunes' type it doesn't matter if they are not all your favourites just learn how to play then sell it again.

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