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I asked for a music case for Christmas. My wife couldn't really find anything she thought I'd like, until she saw a cheap laptop bag... Not much good for a laptop, as it's short on padding,:w00t: but great for my music books. Add a loose leaf folder, suitably decorated by my daughter, and I'm good to go. :mrcool
Lap top cases are good for lots of things. I carry my Boss recording thing in one but for music I use a beaten up old camera case that I paid two euros for, two euros over the top I think, and the lap top sits under the desk.
I know the problem - I have three cases: two so- called proper muscic cases which I use to carry the bits I need when I playing viol or cello (tuner, rosin, seat wedge, spare strings, A4 music folder...), I use a laptop case to carry my choir music as I often have 4, 5, or 6 sets of music to carry. The laptop case is the most practical.
Hi Kev, I've been using this one for just over a year and works great for loose sheets and thin books that you can slot into the dividers on one side. There space on the other side for thicker books or one real book. Very well made and extremely durable! The shoulder strap is a boon. BTW there isn't as much room as a laptop bag, but I've always got what I need for lessons, rehearsals, gigs, etc ...
Paul, thanks, great suggestion. Just a little too late.... Can't tell my wife that I want something else instead, unless.... Maybe I find a laptop that needs a bag..... >:)

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