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Pete Thomas

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Lundy Island
We just found this on Youtube. It's a song my wife wrote and is singing.

What I find incredibly funny is that whoever made the video has Louis Armstrong playing my soprano solo!

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old git

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Just had one of those, "Is Pete slipping or am I going deaf?" moments.

Getting terrible sound until I realised that it was playing through the headphones and not the speakers.

Forgot to unplug after working on 'Red Sails in the Sunset' as an early thirties rhythm and blues experiment. YC has been the only one to suffer it, so far. >:)


Enfield, North London
Don't feel bad, we've all done it.

Forgetting to unplug after working on 'Red sails in the sunset' happens all the time.
Most people just don't admit to it though.
It's healthy that you've 'come out', you're an inspiration to us all.
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