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Mr Bojangles



Hi all, it's been ages since I've been on, although I have managed an occasional peek just to see what everyone's been up to.

I've been playing for about 18 months now, making slow progress, which is okay. I like to have a go at tunes from the playalong books because I find that introduces me to different notes / keys, etc. I have been trying to play 'Mr Bojangles' with Robbie Williams Swing When You're Winning book. However, I find it very difficult because the cd just has the backing music, not a track that contains how the saxophone should sound. I'm really struggling to work out how the saxophone notes fit over the music and wondered if anyone nows of a book/cd version that contains an example track.


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I have this book & can see why you are finding it tough - the backing track gives very little pulse.. and 9/8 time..

There is a Youtube video of this version - just search Mr Bojangles alto - it may assist,
another way would be to scan or input into a music program (if you have one!).


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We play this in the school Jazz Band, and one of the lads sings it.
I never knew it before and still don't know it now. I have yet to appreciate the "tune" .
Mind you I am playing the bari on this one, so not much excitment happening!

Good luck with sorting it out.


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Hi There!

I notice that the book is graded as "Intermediate" which is the equivalent of Grades 4/5 and quite a challenge. For me I would want to try and get used to singing the tune, so I would probably purchase the Robbie Williams CD and gradually get the hang of singing it along with Mr. Williams so that I have got the tune inside me first. Then I would have a go at learning the sax piece without using the back up CD - maybe listening to the RW CD and stopping it after each phrase so that you can try practising it on the sax.

It may be that the piece is currently too difficult for you and you may be better focussing on music which is designed for Beginner, rather than Intermediate or Advanced. I often use which does give all its sheet music an accompanying rating so that a choice is made easier.
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