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Hello all!

After talking with my teacher today about mouth pieces' i think 'm going to look at getting a new one :) I tried his Mayer 5* which i really liked. I've been using the 4C one that came with my sax, and after playing it for 5 years or so i think i should upgrade.

I'm looking to spend max of 130ish, i know there is some good stuff under that from what i under stand.

Should i also look at getting a new Ligature?

I'm using Rico Javas 1.5's ( The new Red packet javas) and i mainly play softish jazz, but i like to be able to get a really sharp sound if i want :)


Hi Simon!

So what sound are you looking for from a new mouthpiece? The Meyer is a classic Alto mouthpiece - particularly for that classic New York sound - reasonably bright and noted for its suitability for Jazz, Blues and similar. The modern versions are considered to be of lesser quality and there are a number of excellent modern alternatives, based on the original design. These would inclde Vandoren V16 HR, Ponzol Vintage HR, Barone Vintage, Morgan Vintage, Phil-Tone Meyer custom, Pillinger NYA, and several others. The commonest size is a 5 or 6 tip opening (0.076" or so. A decent ligature is always good to play, and the offerings from Rico (The 'H'), Selmer and others are all very reliable. Ones mad with material do tend to dampen the sound slightly - which may be desirable. Metal ligatures generally sound a little brighter.

I could go on and on - the challenge is finding something that sounds good for you. If you are not that into jazz you might want to try other options, and others will be able to advise accordingly.

Kind regards
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I'm not really sure tbh :/ I've tried the Mayer 5* and a AZIEN NY 5 aswell, both i though played pretty similar the only difference being the cost :/ i have got loads to spend and i just want a Mouthpiece that will cater me well for a few years, for all round playing really, although slightly biased towards some softer slower more expressive jazz.

I know i'm really unhelpful :D
Hi Simon!

Do have a read of the notes about the Peter Ponzol Vintage 75 on the website, which also comes with a Rovner light ligature and a cap for £114. Other options would also include a Lebayle Jazz HR (Hard Rubber). Both and stock most of those suggested, and you can;t really go far wrong tbh.

Kind regards
Hey all!

So i went to Dawkes my local-ish saxophone shop today to try some mouthpiece's. I tried a Few Mayers from a 5 to 7, and a Mayer G 5. And i tried the Otto Link Metal 5*.

The Mayers were ok, i didn't really get along, they insisted that it was my reeds, and that i should be using atleast a 3 strength reed, i use 1.5 Java's.... So i didn't really get along with any of the Mayers with any of my reeds, tried Ricos, Rico Royals, Vandorens, Javas, La voz. Most reeds and most strengths and i just couldn't get along with anything.

Until i tried the Otto Link Metal. That thing kicks ass! It worked great with all the reeds i tried, and with my 1.5 Java's i got the bets sound i've ever heard from my sax!

Ordering one next week :D
So true; unfortunately even though they are both marked Otto Link (or any brand for that matter) and #5, they don't always turn out to be the best players. I would consider buying the one in hand to be the best bet, even if it costs a little more.
Hi Simon, you say you've been playing for 5 years and you use a Red Java 1.5 on a 4c ? I would of thought on that mouthpiece you need at least a 2.5. Are you sure you are blowing hard enough?
Reeds have been a massive problem for me always, it if i change anything it takes months to find reeds that i like again :) The java's i find are harder than their 'rating'. I also sometime use a Vandoren Classic, thats a 2 strength, i think that the vandorens are harder than the Rico ratings.

With other reeds i tend to use a Number 2 so Rico Royals and standard Ricos. And for La Voz, i don't mind the Medium Soft ones.

But the new Red Java's 1.5 are the best for me. Although i might of got a box of them that used a slightly thicker or denser cane? I've had to file one or two of the slightly...

The guy in the shop gave me a red java 2.5 and a 3. And i couldn't get anything out of either of them....

Then again i have fairly weak lungs- asthma aswell and other stuff, so it may just be that :)
Oh I see, why don't you try a classical mouthpiece, a Vandoren AL3 or AL4? I have TL4 for my tenor and I find it has a very good dynamic range, and it can be played down to a whisper, and just because it's classed as a "classical" one it does not mean you can't play jazz on it. On alto I use a Selmer soloist D. You can try one in C* or a Selmer S80 in the same opening.

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