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mouthpieces ,l igatures & other things


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the Netherlands
Several mouthpieces and ligatures and other stuff, 5% of the price goes in donation + 10€ shipping non insured parcel or 15€ insured parcel , if you don’t mind and the object is small enough, I can ship (at your risk) as a letter for 2€

Optimum ligature (with 3 pressure plates) and original (normally not included) Metal, gold plated, cap. 70€ +shipping

Bauhaus Walstein curved soprano carrying bag. 25€ +shipping (there is a faint chemical smell in the bag that has been there ever since I bought the horn)

Selmer S80 in very good state C** mouthpiece with (non original) cap and ligature 70€+shipping

Vintage (’70 is the original piece that was with a Mark VI that I have) Long shank scroll soloist alto C* (soloist not written on the table) in immaculate state, includes original cap and ligature, slightly warn out 120€+shipping

Ponzol M1 tenor 105 brass, the plating is warn at the tip showing the brass under the plating but the mouthpiece is perfect and plays very well available with Brancher wire ligature 200€ or wit Berg Larsen ligature and cap 150€. +shipping.

Brancher J21 alto mouthpiece with soft Brancher ligature and plastic cap and box 125€+shipping.

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