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I feel that I am at the stage that I would like to try some other mouthpeices.
If i visit a music store with my sax, what is the usuall protocol for them letting me (try before I buy) the products, given health and safety regs.etc.
They stick mouthpiece patches on so your teeth don't damage them. Otherwise that's it.
I was quite amazed at the paranoia displayed by some on SOTW when discussing sharing mouthpieces ....lots of talk of sterilising and 'killing cooties' :). I wonder if these people ever kiss, or use normally washed cutlery & crockery!
A mouthpiece in good condition just needs a wash in warm soapy water to get rid of 'cooties' ... whatever the heck they are!!!!
can I assume most large stores may have test units available
One of the problems with buying a mouthpiece in Australia is that the shops tend to stock a very limited selection. More common are Yamaha and Otto Links, etc., but the sizes you want may not be there. Another problem is that many will not allow to try them out, generally for the reasons you have mentioned.

Another reason they do not let you try them out is, I think, that mouthpieces in Australia are very expensive. From what I have seen, the appreciation of the Australian dollar has not made a dent in the prices at all. People test them, and then buy elsewhere more cheaply. My solution has been to ignore the shops altogether and to work out from posts on this forum and elsewhere what might suit me, and then order from overseas. It has worked for me, but I should stress that I have not been in the market for anything exotic.

In Melbourne you could always get in touch with I have not bought a mouthpiece from them, but I have found them them to be helpful in other ways. Allans is a big store, but I have no idea of what they offer.


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