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Saxus Circus Maximus
As I mentioned elsewhere in the forum, I had a mouthpieces tasting party yesterday.

It all started a while back when we did the Kanee passaround, thanks to @Keep Blowing

As I had the mouthpieces, I invited my fellow saxophone players in the neighborhood to taste them. They were not used to that kind of jazzy, more open mouthpieces and not really equipped for them either. So it didn't work so well. But it was still a fun and a mind opener for them. Oh, so there is something else than just the classical pieces our teacher pushed us to buy! ;)

So, when I met Fred the other day in the street and he shared that he needed a new mouthpiece for the jazz workshop as he struggled to cut through, I invited him to try some of mine. I also asked our other friend (who's been very quiet member here, BTW) to join us, but he unfortunately got the flu and missed the event.


It started here, with some Listerine... I guess it's important to start from a clean slate to encourage the potential user!


Some of you may recognize a piece I bought from them...

Fred plays both alto and tenor, so I proposed a variety.

I also added a few Légère Signature into the mix to spice up the menu.

Again, more open mouthpieces were a bit of a challenge. Fred started by using his usual Vandoren blue 3.5 :oops:

That didn't work so well on a D'Addario Select Jazz 8 or a Jody Jazz 7*

I offered him to use a Vandoren 2.5, then as he was warned up, a Légère Signature. That made a very good impression. One that was confirmed later on alto.

Finally, the winners were an old Meyer 6 and the Jody jazz HR 7* on tenor, then the SYOS Knoel Scott 7 and the D'Addario Select Jazz 6. We're not far from Paris, so I asked him to go and visit the SYOS boutique when he can. I think he also found the Légère Signature rather convincing straight away. Felt good and you see great too.

I am also enjoying them more and more. I'm going to order some for bari and sop and the bari one I have only works well with my Vandoren B35. It's a 2.75.

By the way, anyone here using Légère signature on a PPT 7* baritone mouthpiece. I'm curious what strength you use? I'm considering a 2.0.


Formerly JayePDX
So when you have these parties, do you cut the tasters off after 5 or 6 mouthpieces (just to make sure things don't start getting out of hand ?)


Saxus Circus Maximus
Tupperware Party?

Kinda. But I didn't sell many.

One of the outcome is that my friend came home with a Vandoren 2.5 and used cling film to help fit his Otto link mouthpiece that was loose. :p
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