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Hi folks.

I have bought another mouthpiece, a Ponzol HR Vintage 0.75. I have a superb Selmer Super Session which I bought from Tom, but I fancied a back up and have read good things about these pieces.
Up to now (a few days into it) it seems to have a fantastic tone,but has a strange buzz to it also (more than just an edge). Upon closer inspection I have noticed that the table isn't flat, in that as it approaches the tip (ie. on the rails) it kind of arches downwards, and if the mouthpiece is put on a flat surface and a torch is placed alongside the mouthpiece I can see light through the gap, which is about one quarter of a millimetre. This causes an arch which runs for about an inch and a half along the mouthpiece.

I am supposing that this isn't normal ? I am contacting the seller to see if I can exchange it, but am aware that they have a no returns policy (although if it is faulty I can't see how they can maintain this). However, how easy is it to get a table levelled? I have no idea where would do them, or at what cost. Does anyone have any info please ?

Interesting. I see mine does that too. Plays fine though. So I guess it's a feature rather than a defect. Ask Mr Ponzol.
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I've heard of mouthpieces being made with concave, rather than flat tables, and you seem to have one.

If you bought it in the UK, and it's faulty, then they have to take it back or exchange for a new one. If you paid by credit card, then even better, cos a little word to the credit card company will work wonders. However.... As the others said, check first.
Thanks Guys.

I will e-mail Mr P. and try not to offend him. I understand that concave mouthpieces run concave from left to right as you look at them end on (as it were), and are so designed to cater for the swelling of the reed. The curve on this mouthpiece runs front to back, and drops just in front of the window, although it sounds pretty good. I just wonder what it would sound like were it totally flat.

I will let you know what Mr P has to say.......
Having communicated with Mr. P I can say he should be really helpful. I have the Ponzol HR .070 and .085, and I would probably say that there is a buzz to the sound, which I like, as well as a whole variety of other textures. They are handmade so craftsmanship should be fine. I have just looked at both mine and they have a similar concave feature. Apparently they were based on an original Meyer mouthpiece from the 50's, so who knows......

Kind regards
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In which case, that is how they must be meant to be ! Thanks Tom.

The sound is certainly very rich, with various tones all over the place............My mind is at I can get on and enjoy !

Thanks Guys.
A further observation is that the table absolutely supports the "table" of the reed (the butt end as it were) but that there is a slight concaveness just before the opening which may allow the reed to play more freely..............

Glad that I've been of some help. I bought my last Ponzol Vintage HR 070 mouthpiece from Sax Company Netherlands - with Rovner Light ligature it came to about £85! Good folks!
Ah, you see, there we differ. Mine has a noticeable gap underneath the reed "table" as we shall call it. It closes if I press the reed, but left to it's own devices, if I just sit it there, there is a now I'm not so sure again now.
Hi Basil!

Further investigation:

Both mouthpieces, without reed/ligature attached have a concave part after the 1st cm.
of the back of the table. With the reed/ligature attached the visible concave section comes after about 2.5 cm, and seems much smaller (this with new reed). In this fashion it does look as if more of the reed is slightly separate from the front of the mouthpiece. I'll send Pete an email just to check this one out. On the table of one of my mouthpieces there does seem to have been evidence of some work, which fits in with the 1st cm. that I mention above. Whatever it is my favourite sounding alto mouthpiece of those I have tried, with a rich and complex harmonic that I just love.

I'll let you know what Pete says.........

Kind regards

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