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hey i need a metal sax mouthpeice. I currently am using a premeir by hite, but its not that great for the jazz stuff im currently doing Could anyone reccomend one. I looked the otto links but gold plated (why?) so i looked at a meyer metal and thought it looked good, but please reccomend one i have money to buy it too.
Why does it have to be metal? There are plenty of hard rubber/plastic mouthpieces that'll give you a more jazzy sound. Tom will be along in a minute extolling the virtues of the inexpensive Rico range. Very good value they are too.
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As far as the research goes the material used for the mouthpiece is not likely to influence the sound particularly, but old assumptions die hard. Commonly alto players used Meyer HR mouthpieces for jazz, and tenor players often used Otto Link metal mouthpieces for jazz. However different materials can influence the overall size of the mouthpiece, so that a metal mouthpiece may well be smaller than the equivalent HR mouthpiece even though they are identical on the inside, and this may affect the comfort/playability of any particular mouthpiece. I play HR on alto and use metal or synthetic on tenor, both of which are no bigger than the HR alto. I personally find HR a little uncomfortable on Tenor due to the size, and the metal tenor is probably the easiest to "blast" air through, which is where metal may have an edge.

The smaller the chamber generally the more edgy/focussed or louder the mouthpiece is likely to be. You don't say whether you are a tenor or alto (or other) player so recommendations are hard. Also what sort of Jazz do you play - more mellow or brighter sounding. My guess is Tenor. Do say a bit more more about the sound you are looking for and maybe some helpful recommendations will be forthcoming.

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Hah! Only nearly right, no Rico content.

BTW Tom, have you tried any of the plastic Runyons? They're a lot smaller than the typical HR pieces and there's some real screamers amongst them.
Well haven't tried a Runyon at time of going to press, and not into "screaming" per se as a desirable sound - I usually stick with "Rich and Complex" just like myself :w00t:;}

Have a good day, Nick!
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Just off to try my new PhilTone Special Alto 0.076 mpc...............
I looked the otto links but gold plated (why?).

I believe manufacturers plate brass mouthpieces as there is general thought that brass can be hazardous to your health. Plus it stays shinier. I'm also not sure why it is you need a metal mouthpiece, I would just try lots of different mouthpieces, metal and/or hard rubber.
Having done a bit of research I would recommend that you try a Runyon 22 mouthpiece - very cheap but apparently suited to jazz - developed in the 1040's. I realise that you are only 13 (are you in the States?), so best not to spend too much money at this stage. For a brighter sound do try a Rico Graftonite and/or Metalite mouthpiece. They come in 3 chamber sizes (A = mellow, B & C = brighter) and 3 tip openings (3 - small, 5 - medium, & 7 - large). Some investigation may be useful, and maybe you could get a couple so that you have a clearer idea of what you like.

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thanks i play the alto and would kind of want a more edgy jazzier tone than my one know, but i dont need anything expensive.
okay ill, i just want a jazzier more edgy tone than my mouthpeice now, which is really old i had for about 5 years and its breaking, i dont need a metal one either just a decent mouthpeice. also i dont wanna spend too much money. And i live in the states
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