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My tenor, alto and soprano saxes all have Selmer S80 C* mouthpieces, which seem to suit me well and I like the tone they produce. I've been trying a metal Yanagisawa 5 with a 3 reed on my tenor and getting a significant number of sqeaks!
I have just acquired a Bauhaus-Walstein bronze baritone and my first blows have been with the supplied mouthpiece. My instinct is just to play safe and get a Selmer S80- C* for baritone, but some people I have talked to say that I should use a wider tip opening on a baritone. Surely the Baritone S80 C* is comparatively wider than the smaller sax versions anyway (as a matter of elementary physics) What dio people think?


Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom
For your tenor issue - metal mouthpieces often work better with a softer reed, don't know why! Try a 2.5 on your Yani to see if that helps eliminate the squeak.

As for the baritone - I've not tried a BW bari, but my preference is for a larger lay on all saxes, which means you can remove any tuning issues with your embouchure. I know the BW's are supposed to be better than average for intonation, but no sax is perfect!
A S80 C* will work fine, but sometimes it's nice to be different...

Hope this helps,


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