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mouthpiece-- is size important


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Morning probably been asked before but is mouthpiece tip opening size important for the dynamics of the piece. I have 2 pieces a

kanee studio, long table such a versatile piece great projection and ease of blow quite bright no 7 tip opening.

Pillinger bronzite 7* short table a little resistance that gives a beautiful dark tone.

I play a rigotti gold jazz 2.5m on both pieces.

does the lay size impact on the tone and resistance. I have tried stepping up from a 2.5 Java green to a 3 but the jump is to much so I have ordered a couple of rigotti 2.5Hs. The main purpose of this is to try to get the studio a little darker and the pillinger a little less resistant. Am I barking (or reeding) up the wrong tree. Would there be any benefit in getting a Kanee in tip opening 7* or 8 or speaking to Ed Pillinger re having the bronzite re-faced to a 6*... The Kanee sounded different with a 3 reed but the jump is to much am I better keeping the reed size the same and upping to an 8 as it is effortless to blow....the opposite applies to the bronzite which is just a little to resistant..
Hi @eb424
The facing of a mouthpiece is important from all points of view.
But are you talking tenor of alto?? And which mouthpiece of Ed's is it? Ed's NYT for instance will feel quite different to his NYTM or his NYTHB. You need to give us some more info.
Hi @David Roach its the NYT bronzite its a 7* but custom made for somone. Ive driven Ed mad so I thought id ask hete whether the piece would be easier blowing if closed up a bit..
OK, thanks for the clarification.

On tenor, Ed's 7* = .105", the Kanee 7 = .100"

Going up a notch on the Kanee would give a bit more resistance (probably, I am not familiar with Kanee mouthpieces). Going down to a 7 on one of Ed's tenors will definitely reduce resistance a bit. Ed's #7 facing is a very good one. Going down to 6* will be going too far.

But bear in mind, there is little consistency in cane reeds until they are properly blown in, and that you shouldn't use one reed on two mouthpieces (beyond a try-out period) because in the end it will work well on neither. You can reduce the resistance in a reed by the flicking technique quite easily and find that a reed that was too resistant has become well playable. In a box of 5 or 10 reeds, a few will be soft and few hard so you can sort reeds according to the mouthpiece they will be used upon.

And further, what is your aim, beyond what you state? Why are you trying to get two mouthpieces to play the same (or more similarly)? Is it because neither mouthpiece quite satisfies your mind's ear?

Please understand that I'm not trying to give you a hard time, but steering you to think further about what you actually want. As an inveterate mouthpiece experimenter I know all the advantages and the pitfalls.

You might even find that getting some Red Java 2.5s, as opposed to Green, actually does the trick!
Also, if the NYT was a custom job, are you sure it has not been messed with since it left Ed?
Ed is incredibly reasonable, both in price and approach, if I were you I would send the NYT to him, ask him kindly to check the facing and depending upon what he says, get it refaced to a #7.

But, which tip opening do YOU like best? 7 or 7*? Which is more comfortable?
Hi again, they are so different its ideal i am still only 3 years in so have a mouthpiece for the hall i use the kanee..its loud easyblow snd i like the tone a tad deeper would be ideal..the pillinger is great for at home but im a bit asthmatic so a little easier on the blowing front would be good..ooh i havent even mentioned the metal piece saving that. Eds piecee just has a little resistance but i can hit the higher notes with ease....thanks Eddie
OK, I understand.
In my experience, having Ed reface the NYT to a #7 will make it less resistant.
Try a Red Java 2.5 on the Kanee before you shell out on a more open tip.
Rigotti Gold are rather bright and clean sounding to my ear.
Hi @CliveMA I still have the kanee as back up but bit the bullet and got a TW durga and Gaia they are both an 8 .... moved the Pillinger NYT on but think I am just going to find a reed that works well with the Gaia and stick with that. I'm slowly learning how much a reed can change the dynamics struggling a little on a green java 3 with the piece but gradually getting my set up..I seem to be playing high noted country songs at the mo and like ska...The TW seems to fit this genre well....also finding my way around the palm keys quickly is my next target. Currently working on me and Bobby McGee and looking at chattanooga choo choo...weird taste me... :)

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