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I asked this question on the old forum but never got around to posting any pictures. I know that one of them is an Earlham and its a number 8. The other is more of a mystery. The only thing thats writen on it is A1.
Any ideas?
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Not an Otto Link, the black plastic inlay is the wrong shape and is too far from the tip.

Hi Moz
I was not suggesting for one minute that it was a Link... more in the style of. It is also remenisant of an 40's style Dukoff which in turn was based on the New York Link of the Nr same period.
As i said before I have no idea who the maker is,but the old style Link is deffinatly where this is coming from.

Have a look http://www.theowanne.com/mouthpieces101/Duckoff.php

I have been after, for quite some time either one of the above mentioned mouthpeices,(New York Link or 40's Dukoff)but I have never found one that was up to the mark (for me that is.) So if you know of anybody out there that has one for sale please let me know, I am quite willing to travel... but i always try before i buy.

My kind regards

P.S TO TAZ Any way we can have a pic looking down inside the tail end?
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It look's like a WAGNER SLIM PROFILE BODY,Wagner was a German mouthpiece maker ,he made mp's for Keithwerth also.I have a SLIM BODY HR Alto mp which is a rare J.KEILWERTH TONEKING SPECIAL 6 made by WAGNER and what a funk mp it is ,very free and loud with lot's of juice.Rollover Baffle.
Hi Dave
You could be on track with that... I had a H.R tenor M.P the same as yours. Had to bin it :( Very bad Taste in mouth.


My JK Toneking Special is some piece.For a HR it's so open and free but a great Maceo Parker type vibe in the sound.There's stuff on site's about WAGNER who's piece's are hand made.It look's very,very close to Taz's piece only his is metal.
Forgot to mention your Earlham mp is a cheap Chinese copy of a Guardala studio and also sell under the name ARBITER and most likely other name's,I had the silverplate Arbiter 8 which was exactly the same piece i got free with a sax .
Still not sure there is a connection with the 'mystery' mouthpiece, but (as has been said before) here's a tenor Wagner (top) and a tenor JK Toneking (bott.). Very similar looking 'slant' where the back end of the body narrows down to the shank.


ManEast - don't bin the old rubber mouthpieces, they can be cleaned and sealed with something like carnauba wax (non toxic) to reduce the sulphur taste right down. The top mouthpiece has had the treatment. Very playable. I use the same stuff to renovate my (smoking) pipe mouthpieces, that's where I got the idea.

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