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Hi, I just bought a mouthpiece off ebay thinking it would be perfect for my alto. Turns out to be too big. Fits on the tenor.

Tenor reeds aren't quite wide enough at the tip, but are about 1cm from the tip. With a tenor reed on there's nearly a centimeter on the table for a longer reed. I'm guessing it's a bari piece, but it's shorter than my PPT. Seems to be quite old, hard rubber, with a silver table, tip and tops to the rails, much like the Selmers in mouthpiece museum.

But there's no makers mark (or size mark) and the shank is different. Came with a Kohlert silver cap, but it's too small to be original.
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lol Tommy

Sorry - should have been more clear -
can anyone tell me:

Relative sizes of a tenor and bari reed? width/length?
Does the bari reed sply out towards the tip, or are the sides parallel?
Does a bari mouthpiece fit a tenor neck, or is the bore too large?

Hi Kev

Sounds a bit like this one, for alto, which I sold recently.

Before selling it I tried to find out a bit more info, to no avail.

If no-one else provides the measurements for you during the day, I'll check when I get home tonight.

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Thanks Jon. It's quite different to that. Was the Kohlert on the cap that interested me. Didn't want to ask questions as they often get too much info and the othe guys jump in, pushing the price up (at least here they do). Trouble is, my one doesn't have a Selmer mark... Do you know of anyone else who made mouthpieces with silver tables?
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Hi Kev

When I was looking to identify mine, I found metal tabled ebonite mouthpiece made by Holton, Henton, Zinner and Naujoks & McLaughlin. None of these helped me as mine was clearly French made, as it had a French patent statement on it.

Right Kev, measurements.

Bari reed - 91mm long, 16mm wide at the blunt end, 18mm at the thin end.

Tenor reed, 81mm long, 15mm at the blunt end, 17mm at the thin end.

Bari mouthpiece would fall right off a tenor neckwith modern models, but maybe older ones were made to a smaller bore.

So the measurements would seem to support your theory about it being a bari piece.


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