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David Dorning

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I have recently acquired a Buescher Aristocrat tenor, circa late 30s, and I’m now looking for a suitable mouthpiece. I have been using a Yanagisawa HR5 with my Jericho J6 and although it works ok with the Buescher I find I have to pull it a long way back on the cork to avoid excessive sharpness, almost to the point of it being a bit wobbly. So I’m wondering how to go about getting something more suited to the horn. This is where I realise I don’t know a thing about what it is that makes a mouthpiece right for a particular horn. My somewhat romantic notion is that having bought a vintage horn I would like to give it the opportunity to sound as it was designed, even if it will ultimately sound like me playing it. There are occasional Buescher mouthpieces on eBay, and Rasher make a tenor piece that is a copy of an original Buescher, stubby with a large chamber and small tip opening, said to be very like Sax’s designs and quite different from many modern pieces. I could of course go to Sax.co.uk and just try out a selection, but if I think about what I’m actually looking for I would like a vintage type setup for my vintage horn. Thoughts or advice anyone? Any Buescher players out there?


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Not familiar with the Yanny mpce but you might find a large chamber mpce more suited to the Buescher. If you can afford, and have an interest some of the modern large chamber mpces have a broader palette than many of the non collectible oldies. Best to find a mpce that works well with the horn regardless of age. Fewer battles with intonation and repsonse


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I had a similar notion, and tried a Buescher mouthpiece for my TrueTone alto, but I preferred a modern mouthpiece (Selmer). On the whole, the sax didn't seem fussy about mouthpieces, but some mouthpieces have a shank that is very short, so I had the same problem you describe - I couldn't push them far enough onto the cork.

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