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M/Pieces - Ligs Mouthpiece boxes wanted.


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OK folks the madness has finally become incurable.

Initially I am looking for 2 tenor otto link mouthpiece boxes, one for a tone edge and one for a super tone master. They only have to be capable of homing the pieces without falling apart. Its a bit obsessive of me I know but i'm sure there are some surplus ones out there.
I will come to some arrangement if anyone can be bothered dig one out and post it to me. Preferably that means I'll match and enhance the cost of your postage direct to the fund raising here but I'm open to ideas.

This is where it gets daft.... :lb:
Upon deciding I'd post the above I suddenly came over all 'stamp collector' and thought what the heck...maybe I'll start a small collection
(which will get me in a lot of trouble at home) :verysad
So if you have some other mouthpiece boxes that you don't want but don't want to just throw out, if I don't already have one maybe I could give it a new home.
That is of course until the men in white coats find out where I'm hiding. :happydance:
Thank you


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Oh dear. Box Gas..... Sounds like a bad case. Have you seen a doctor? Maybe better not, you never know what else they'll find? I bet Juju could tell us the cause of your affliction, but by then it'd be too late for you..... Might help others one day, though.


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I've got a Selmer mouthpieces box which a new model Brilhart Level Air came in. It's for sale for eighty quid, but does come with a Bundy II alto sax thrown in.:)))


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But are your boxs NO USA or FLORIDA boxs,ya dont want the modern 1's,the cardboard is Asian made,it will explode at any time and there very bendy.

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