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Mother/long-suffering roadie of teenage sax fanatic says a tentative hello...


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So, I feel a bit of a fraud really because I am not a sax player myself but mother to a 16 year old alto/bari/sop sax player whose life's ambition is to go to music college and become a musician....As well as teaching full time I spend a lot of time ferrying him and his instruments around the NW to gigs.... 8 in the last month....We had to get a serious bank loan after buying his Yani A9932J "he'll never need another horn" alto last year. The thing is, the bari he plays - a battered v old Yamaha - is borrowed and will soon need to be returned. Spotted a second hand Yani B901 on web for around £3000 but it's probably twice as much as I can afford at the moment....Are there any cheaper baritones that are credible, alternatives to the Yanis and Yamahas? He's tried out Elkhart, Hanson and the Liked the Hanson but even that is £2200. Do we let him try the Yani, knowing it may break the bank or go for a cheaper alternative, knowing it may not last the course....? Would love feedback!


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My advice (which is not worth much as I don't know you or your son) is: don't get yourself into debt. You can get a perfectly servicable baritone new for around £1000 (Gear4Music, Venus, etc), which will last for several years (barring accidents). If your son puts enough hours into it, he'll make it sound great. If he doesn't, he's not going to make it as a professional musician. When he needs a better one, he can buy it out of the money he makes gigging. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it's a harsh world he's trying to get into.


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Would suggesting to him that he does it the old-fashioned way of getting a part-time job and saving up for it himself be appreciated?


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Would suggesting to him that he does it the old-fashioned way of getting a part-time job and saving up for it himself be appreciated?
Probably not, but adopting the radical approach (these days) of expecting children to fund themselves where possible would be a great move on your part :) and would not do him any harm.

The bari in the yard sale mentioned above looks good though.
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Welcome to the cafe, we are a very family orientated forum so please don't feel like a fraud. It sounds like you have not only a whole heap of wonderful saxes to carry around, but a whole heap of talent in the form of your son. You must be a very proud mum.
Now regarding this baritone, as Nick has pointed out, there is a great and well respected baritone on the "yard sale." I can also vouch for Jonfs' sincerity. Nice guy and a genuine seller.
The Bauhaus Walstein baris' have a great reputation and are used by quite a few professionals. Anyway, I hope you find what your looking for and feel at home, here at the cafe.


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Thank you to you all for your welcome and suggestions - will be checking out the yard sale! By way of a reply, yes he absolutely loves bari - easily as much as alto - and yes, he'd love a PT job but at moment all lessons/bands/sax, drum, piano playing happen at weekends/evenings so there is time problem...Saves everything he earns/is given and expecting to clean out his account by way of contribution. PS have thought about trying sax myself: already play clarinet...:)


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Welcome to the cafe Carey:)

Lots of good advice above and if you go for new, at 16 I assume he is still at school so you can probably save the VAT.

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Welcome to the caff©, Carey46.

What's wrong with giving him a cycle rickshaw or sharing his fees?>:)



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Welcome to the forum. It sounds like jonf's BW Bari is a tailormade deal from heaven for you! If I completely lost control and decided to get a bari myself I'd definitely go for it (control Thomas control).

Enjoy your chats and coffee :)
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