Mornington Lockett Masterclass 23rd November

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I've booked :w00t:

Just received an email from those nice chaps at Here is the info/booking form

It's at The Gallery, Foyles’ Bookshop (opposite the London shop on Charring Cross Road).

Apparently Mornington says:

“I will be discussing all aspects of contemporary jazz and modern commercial saxophone playing. Practice techniques for tone development, altissimo playing, overtones and false-fingerings, multiphonic chords, pentatonic, hexatonic, tetratonic and alternative septatonic, octatonic and nonatonic scales for improvisation. Most unusual will be my brand new "10 Scale System" for seventh chords, recently perfected. I will also field questions of course and have, hopefully one or two students come up and play.”

Erm, OK. Still, it should be fun.
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Hi Ian, got my ticket today as well, we can meet there if you wish. I'll Pm you my mobile so we can call each other when there. Phil

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