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Mouthpieces Morgan GM 9 and Conn 12M. Review + my considerations + questions

There was a time when I was always trying different mouthpieces. Then I found a Conn 12M and a vintage Otto Link and I stopped.
But today I made an exception. I tried the new Morgan GM9 (Gregory mold). This mouthpiece is made with a different process, starting from a mold and doing all the chamber and baffle work by hand, like hey used to do back in the 40s and 50s. So this Morgan should be like the Gale used by the legendary Gerry Mulligan.
I liked this mouthpiece a lot, but I've been playing the same vintage Otto Link slant for 7 years and I am used to its sound.
This Morgan is similar, just a bit brighter and more focused.
Does anybody of you played both the GM and the florida models?
Is the florida darker than the GM?
Does anybody compared an old slant with a Morgan florida?
I don't know if Erik Greiffenhagen wants to chime in this discussion.

Disclaimer: I am not a Morgan endorser, I borrowed this mouthpiece from a friend of mine. I played it and I shared my impressions in this video.

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