M/Pieces - Ligs Morgan Fry Refaced EB LInk Tone Edge.


Warsaw, Poland.
Otto Link HR Tone Edge.
Late Florida/Early Babbitt.
Refaced By Morgan Fry to a 7 (103)

I have recently received back from Morgan Fry, Leeds, UK my Link which he has refaced on my behalf.
Before refacing the piece played well, if a bit stuffy with a tendency to thin out in the palm key area, but nothing too serious, so I was loathe to have any work done as the sound was dark, complex, generally projected well and was a joy to play.
Fate intervened though, and due to some accidental damage on the tip rail, a very small nick, done by a friend, whom I had lent it to; the only option, was then to have some work done.
As you can see by the photos the work is outstanding.
The table has been flattened, the rails evened out and a super fine tip rail has been achieved.
This piece now plays like a dream in all registers from subtone to screaming altissimo. It is at least twice the mouthpiece it was before the reface.
It does not play stuffy, it does not thin out in the palm keys, it is now very even throughout the entire range of the horn.
The sound is very centred and could be described as being like chocolate. Very complex with just enough of a balance of mids, highs and lows.
It can be pushed, becoming brighter but still retaining its core of dark undertones.
It can take as much air as I can give it without hitting a wall and I can be a very loud player.
It can also be played at a whisper sounding like smooth velvet.
So the dynamic range available to me now is greater than it was previously.
Articulation is now also superb; with each note sounding distinctly; in fact this is now such a very fast mouthpiece I am having trouble keeping up...
Morgan Fry is a superb craftsman and consulted me at each stage of the process as too what I was after, what reeds I used, type of playing etc and I would thoroughly recommend his work to anyone who may want any reface work done.
I would also like to recommend his own FLZ Slant Tenor mouthpieces for anyone looking for that vintage Link sound.
I tried out a 100 and 106 tip opening recently, sent on trial.
Favouring the 106 myself, I found it to be one of the best Link copies I have tried.
Again craftsmanship cannot be faulted.
As for sound it is perhaps brighter than my own Florida Link, but again it is very complex and focussed.
Playing throughout the whole of the horn is very even with palm keys as room filling as low notes. Altissimo again is easy and articulation fast.
They are very reed friendly and if I was looking for a Link copy I would have no hesitation in recommending one for anyone looking for that old Link sound.
That’s enough of a description I will let the photos of my refaced Link say the rest.
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