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Yes, Attilio Berni has one (the?) of the largest collection of saxophones, and saxophone-shaped instruments in the world. Attilio is a very kind man, who I have had the pleasure of corresponding with over the past couple of years. He sent me an inventory of his collection, which included mostly rare, vintage instruments from around the world. I don't have the inventory in this computer, but IIRC, the PDF sheet went on for approx. 20 pages.

Attilio is also the owner of a J’Élle Stainer compact contrabass saxophone. It was the first one that the company built, and was premiered in Rome in early 2012. Attilio wrote a review of the horn for my website (that also listed the horn's specs), and I also featured a photo essay of it as well. If any of you are in to big, monster horns that cause seismic tremors when their lowest notes are played ;} , then the compact contrabass story is one you'll enjoy. :welldone

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