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The Haynes manual: I used it today. I have always thought my high F# was thin and weak on my Yani 901 tenor. For years I thought it was because I didn't use it enough and so didn't know how to get it properly but I decided that I can blow the roof off venues with all my other notes so I got out the manual.

I know what I did was hardly complex or particularly damaging but I took a piece of sandpaper to the cork underneath the F# key as I thought the pad wasn't opening enough compared with the note below and gave it a good scrape. Then I played the high F# and finally...the dog whined loudly, he had heard it at last :))):w00t:

I have so much confidence in maintenance I feel a complete strip-down coming on!! (no I don't).

Great book, most useful indeed.



Made my first repair when a g# foot cork fell off, I had a gig and the tech said 'Leave it for three least'. That was the end of that.

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