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What a great idea!

As a beginner, it would be interesting for me to upload mp3's of me learning to play, in the hope that I can look back in 6 months time and see just how far I have come.

As long as I can keep them completely private of course!!
Hi Angie,
Soundcloud allows the files to be set to private, or you could upload to youtube - they have privacy settings as well. HTHs!

Thanks Alvin, I've just created an account. When I get better (and braver!) I may even share a link like you do. But you're safe from that for a while....!
Very nicely done Alvin. It's not a piece I know so therefore I can't really comment on the tune, but your playing is really coming along nicely. I liked your timing and thought the tune sounded very nice. There were few mistakes too which is good. I think you need to concentrate on your intonation, sometimes your a little off. It's funny actually, you are as equally flat as you are sharp. This is only occasionally, so don't panic about it, as your "ear" develops, you'll find that you deal with it almost immediately.
Well done and I'm looking forward to next months installment of "The Gallen Show" :)))
Hi Taz! Thanks for that :) I can definitely see how I've changed over the past month, just gotta keep chugging at it :) Also had my teacher go through my intonation problems on Saturday, and I need lots of practice to get those problems addressed. Can't wait, this is fun!


+10 :welldone:welldoneAlvin,and your having fun as well,thats the best bit.;}


Nice tone there Alvin! I might have to give that soundcloud site a go (with privacy settings turned up to 11)
Here's this month's sax log:

Been practicing with a harder #2.75 reed, and went back to the #2.5 for today's recording. I think my embouchure seems to have strengthened from the harder reed. Still need loads of practice though, not too satisfied with my volume control. Needs more range! *back to the woodshed*
Hi Alvin,
That sounds good (timing and the notes in tune). The only downside to it, is that it sounds "hard/cold", it needs vibrato!
Please don't take this the wrong way, I feel that you are coming along nicely.
Harder reeds?, I think that's the wrong way for you to go. You say your embouchure has strengthened, but you don't need a jaw like a vice. Go softer, and relax, get that jaw working on your vibrato. Make the notes "SING".


P.S. Oh dear, I've just seen the number of this post!!!
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Hi John, thanks for listening! I haven't learnt how to do vibrato yet... will need to look into it :)
I'm doing the harder reed for the time being, following Paul's suggestion. Will be back on the soft reeds in a few weeks.

Good one. Agree with johnboy. I've been working with similar tone things on alto. A lot of improvement seems to come from loosening up, not just on the reed, but further back and down.
When I get round to it, I'll post some sound clips showing the results of sanding a 2.5 "Hemke" reed. It will be in stages, with the number of strokes of the emery board used each side of the reed, so that you can hear the reed "come in".
It might be next christmas before I get to do it, so don't hold your breath ;}

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions >:)

Alvin vibrato is easy if your reed isn't to hard, you just move your jaw up and down (a very small, quick movement like Hannibal Lecter does in the Silence of the Lambs) and play facing into a corner of the room, so you can hear the results.
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@John: I think I missed your comment! Thanks for the vibrato hint!

Here's the July clip:

I think my week away seems to have damaged my chops, or playing with the soprano earlier today has changed how I hear my alto. I'm working on a transcription as well as attempting to get a backing track done in Rosegarden or lmms for next month. Don't hold your breath though :)
Here's my monthly log! I made quite a few changes to my saxophone and recording setup. This is mainly my transcription practice. Wanted to record another one from the book but the chops got somewhat worn - was recording other stuff before this.

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This is the dry sound:
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And this is the original version from Sonic 2 by Masato Nakamura:

Rock on!

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