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Moment of Madness !!


I'm going to a friends party tonight and in a moment of madness agreed to take my Sax so a few of us can have a drunken jam a bit later on - we will be playing some blues and pop tunes nothing to taxing. It seemed like a good idea a few days ago but I've never handled stage fright very well and am beginning to regret saying yes now. Oh Sod it lets just get on with it !!!
Will let you know how it goes ( if it goes well )

Ch Ch Ch Ch Chad
My advice is careful where you stash your horn. I once had my octave mechanism bent by somebody who casually picked up my sax at a drunken rave.

re playing. Nought wrong with a tiny little bit of dutch courage as long as it doesn`t impede your playing or become a habit.;}
And if it doesn't go well I hope you'll still let us know. But if you have enough to drink what could possibly go wrong? Works for me. Not that I can remember what stage fright is. Just keep taking these opportunities when they present themselves.
Most people will be too drunk to know if you did well or not, so just relax and enjoy yourself.... Whats the worst that could happen >:) :w00t:

You'll be fine!
Well the Jam did'nt happen after all that - nobody wanted to play so I just did a bluesy Happy birthday solo for the party organiser and left it at that - Hope theres more opportunity next time....

Disappointed Chad
Ain't that just the way? Sorry to hear that you didn't get to jam, maybe it's time you followed your own post and went to the Llay Royal British Legion Jazz Jam? Go on, you know you want to!!!!!!!

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