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Modification of Mouthpieces


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Hi everybody. I'm not sure which one of you to thank because I can't remember where I read it but wanted to say thanx to whomever it was. Recently I purchased a student mouthpiece. Without knowing what to look for what to expect, I purchased one with no baffle and very thick walls. I was getting a lot of squeaks and was told thicker walls on the side might help. The only MP I could find with thick walls also had no baffling inside. The squeaks were gone but so was my Altisimo. I've only been playing for a few months so the altismo register is a squirrelly subject anyway. But to the point. I went to the local pharmacy and purchased "Dental Wax". The stuff you squeeze into dental braces to keep from getting sores in your mouth. It was pliable and sticky enough to stay put. I used a "Popsicle Stick to shape the baffle. It works great! After experimenting with just the right amount, I found the perfect balance between My Altisimo and a very warm, round sound. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to experiment with mouthpieces but is afraid to ruin one by gunking it up with any permanent type putty. Plus it's minty fresh :) So thanx again to whomever wrote the suggestion. You guys are a great resource.
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