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I don't need another mouthpiece; but . . .
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I have read somewhere on the Internet (so it must be true) that the modern Selmer Soloist mouthpiece is an accurate copy of the vintage Long-Shank Soloist.
If this is the case, then I would expect a modern Soloist to sound very like a vintage one, assuming that both are well faced.

Does anyone know if this is true?

I am particularly interested in alto mouthpieces.


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The most I've read was on the Theo Wanne site.
It likens the new soloist to be more like the 'soloist style' pieces (long shank) that came after the original soloist which came in both short and long shank versions.
I have played an original long shank alto piece in a D facing that was absolutely prestine and un altered. It played well but very neutral if that makes sense but hard to express myself..
The Tenor short shank I have (refaced by Ted Klum) is quite a beast though. Very versatile.
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