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Misty on tenor up an octave

If you need to play it in that key (because you're playing with others for example), then yes.

If you're playing on your own then you could transpose the whole thing up a bit to bring it into a better range.

I play 'Misty' from the dots on tenor in the key of Bb. It sounds ok and the lowest note you have to reach is D in bar 7, and the highest is upper C. Perfick!:welldone
I don't have the tune handy but I do have a busking book that gives the usual key for the song as Eb and the starting note as Bb. That's F for the tenor and the starting note C. Have you tried sticking your knee into the bell to get that A? Putting the song into a comfortable key is the best solution.

I play a low Bb baritone and run across lots of low As. It's a pain. Sometimes I take just the A up the octave or find an alternative note that fits.

I disagree to some extent with transposing this one as a matter of course. There is a value to knowing tunes in the standard key (and being able to play them in others, of course). Except for that one figure, Eb is a good key for this tune on tenor. What I usually do is change the figure. Instead of A-Bb-D play something like C-C#-D.
Pee Dee,

My transcription is to F (that's in the Real Book) the other dots I have are in Eb which I think is for concert pitch instruments. That seems to agree with Justin and Morgan (I think :confused:)

In bar 3 there is D-A-Bb-D-F-A with the A being below low Bb

Your idea sounds the best way Morgan because that A-Bb-D run is the problem one, I'll give it a go.

I should add this is only for my own pleasure but I would like to get it right.

Thanks for the input guys.
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