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Minutes of the CaSLM AGM April 8th 2010


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Minutes of the CaSLM AGM held on April 8th 2010

Those present : Old Git, Young Col, Pauline, Randall
Apologies: Griff

Our esteemed leader OG arrived at Myall's in style brandishing an Onyxite 9* PPT and flanked by Texas Randy and the Moll. Young Col produced the Golden Zimmer Frame and after this was duly admired the company retired to a local hostelry for the main agenda.
Griff, the Devon Ambassador, was unable to attend as he had urgent business elsewhere, but he passed on his proxy vote to OG.

After much discussion (and a good lunch) it was unanimously agreed to make TR the official American Ambassador and Moll Retainer. :w00t:
The business concluded, OG, TR, and the Moll returned to Myall's to collect the Moll's bit of bling which had been "Griffed" and then went on to our esteemed leader's Ivory Tower.
Here, various instruments and software were tried and admired and the meeting ended on a high note when OG gave TR a lesson on the Penny Whistle.

Date for the next meeting to be announced. :)

old git

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Minutes to be amended on four counts,

1) The President, that nice Mr. Thomas was unable or decided not to attend,

2) Griff is the Ambassador to the West Country and commanded to attend an evening meeting at The Station Hotel, Croydon,

3) The Leader was provided with an expense account of £100,000 per annum, the CaSLM Gatling Gun and sole use of the CaSLM Flak Suit,

4) TR is appointed official American Ambassador, the Moll Retainer and Mafia negotiator,

post script:-Subscriptions are increased.
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Sounds like a good time was had by all. :)

Nick Cook

What are the rules for joining CaSLM? Although I'm not in Croydon or South London, I am south of river. Does that count?

Young Col

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Seconded or whatever....apart from the Leader's expense account which we voted down at the time (you should know better than to try to sneak things past an ex-bureaucrat like me), but I'd like to try the Gatling Gun please. Nice to see everyone.
Nick, hon members are welcome on payment of a lot of dosh to OG or else come along and have a blow some time like C9off did.
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