Minor blues in all keys vlog#22

Hi, in this episode I have played a minor blues in all keys.
Each chorus modulates a half step above. It starts from C minor, then C# minor, D minor, and so on until going back to C minor again.
Have you ever tried to do this? Recording youself is useful to discover which keys you play better and which ones you should work on more.
Let me tell you what do you think



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Very impressive.

I would be interested to learn how much of an intellectual challenge that was for you and what you are thinking while playing.

Presumably you know the changes very well in relation to the key centre and you are not getting lost, but are you working out guide tones etc. as you go ?

Looking forward to more Vlogs.

Hi Rhtsonsax, thank you for your comment.
The key is learning the blues progression thinking about the degrees.

the progression is
I - for 4 bars (you can emphasize the canenza using the I7 in the last bar ex playing C altered to F-7)
IV-/ for two bars I- two bars

if you are in Eb- teh chords will be
F-7b5 /Bb7/Eb-7
and so on
Once this structure is clear for you then you will be able to superimpose complex elements on difficult keys (such as subsituitions, diminished chords, aug triads,superlocrian and diminished scales,ecc,ecc) to make your phrasing more interesting.
Another thing that you can do is learn a minor blues head and transpose it to 12 keys.
Do it by yourself in your mind without writing down anything.
This is essential to work with singers, since they sing many tunes in different keys from the original.
Hope this helps, feel free to ask further questions, and if you like my vlog you can subscribe to my channel.
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