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Mike Paice - Great Blues Saxman (and blues harmonica too)


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Surrey, UK
Last night I went along to see a blues band that our band's bass player Emil has been playing in. All the players (except Emil) were new to me and all (including Emil) were absolutely great.

They were Earl Green and the Right Time:

Earl Green is a blues vocalist who reminded me of Robert Cray, and the guitarists were both very good, but for me the sax player was the star. Mike Paice was oustanding on tenor and alto and then he blew some realy fine blues harmonica. tells us a bit more about Mike Paice, who has been around since the 70s and has played with Dana Gillespie, Jools Holland, and loads of big name stars on tour.

What an inspirational player and I would love to be able to play as fluently, excitingly and with such great tone and energy.

Anyone else hear of or know Mike Paice ?


Derek A

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Watford, Herts
Seen Mike 4 or 5 times round Watford. Blows a mean really mean horn - full on, loud, noisy, raucous, mind-blowing, heart-stopping - plays rock sax as it should be played. If you like him you will also like Frank Mead. If you get the chance you must see both of these guys. It's what rock sax is all about.
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