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Not sure if this works. Still getting used to the soft ware. And playing a harmony to yourself is harder than it sounds. The baritone won't do what the alto does and when the alto plays what the baritone does it sounds a bit dull to me.
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You're right the sax bits sound dull, but you've also put yourself into the background. Why? Having these sorts of programmes gives you the opportunity to develop melodies and play over the top. You fit in well though, and found a niche to be part of the backing. Only negative is the fast vibrato when doubled up gives a very nervous quality. We've heard you play notes without the vibrato and this would work much better when layering sound on sound. The large and fast vibrato just gets amplified and seems much larger and faster.
It's very limited software. Hip Hop. It was cheap and has very limited tools. No chord structure just riffs and loops. It has been fun but I think I'm coming to the edge of its limitations. I bought it to experiment with and to see if I could handle it. I can. I'll be looking for something more comprehensive in the sales.
Wishing you the very best of luck and hope that you find the sofware of yor dreams which will inspire.

All the best for the New Year.
Cheers Wade.

I've cheated and done a remix. Can't get the bari and the alto to speak together so I've separated them.
Yea, the bari sounds good in the mix. All still a bit thin, but no matter as they are all part of the background. Your other recordings don't sound thin, so I guess it's not your microphone and must come about in mixing or through this software. Probably not worth trying to fix as it seems that you'll be replacing it very soon.


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