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Hi All

I am currently testing out having online lessons via skype but as it is a test at the moment I have just been using the built in mic in my laptop.
Also i am using smart music using the built in mic but I would like to start recording myself.

I have downloaded Audacity and now I need a Mic.

The question is. Do I buy a usb mic that is easy to plug straight into my PC or do I by a Sure mic that will last a lifetime and I will be able to use it on stage etc when that time comes.

If I go down the sure route which one and what else do I need to make it work with the PC?



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I use this ebay item 270509863899 a Sony microphone for under £10 - as mentioned previously.

I use this in preference to Samson usband a clip on plus Maudio interface, although I use a zoom H4 for community band recording... although the band has SM57 x 5 for playing out.

I would like to think that there would be a difference in sound, but I can't hear it.... the cheap mic option works for me as takes no room & always plugged in = convenience.

If you fancy the whole kit, and you have the dosh, then go for it!
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Hi Mamos,

As you know, I just use a cheap and cheerful condensing stereo PC mic (made by Creative) - it picks up sound from all around and you don't miss anything I hope. SM57's are directional (i.e. great for your sax on stage, or whatever it's pointing at, without picking up other instruments) and therefore would be less helpful (and not very convenient to plug into the laptop either).

For your future stage performance - I'd wait a while, since if you join an established band they may already have the kit. If you start your own you'll need to get a lot of gear anyway, may as well buy all at once and haggle for discount!

Do you think I need a new webcam!?


P.S. I don't have a Zoom recorder, but I have seen them used to great effect - also good for recording your practice sessions for self-critique (I think smartmusic will never be as harsh as you can be on yourself!!).
Of course I just use the PC and Audacity...
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Same Sony mic as c9off mentions is eBay item 180459439842 ... but at only 99P a throw! I got 2 ... good for low cost stereo condenser mic to add to the armoury!!!
Thank you Mike,

I have today, just bought 2 of these, Sony ECM-DS70P Electret Condenser Stereo Microphones, from ebay for a total price of £6.96. Thanks for the tip. I hope Smartmusic notices the difference. I'll also give it a go on audacity thanks to the concurrent thread about how to make audacity work.
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