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Microphones Microphone problem - possible replacement?


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I have an AKG C419 clip-on microphone which seems to have a poor connection in the flexible rubber part immediately below the mike itself - not the flexible steel(?) part that goes down to the bell clip.

It seems to be a completely moulded/sealed unit - so I'm assuming there is no chance of a repair.

Anyone any experience of repairing or dealing with such a problem?

Assuming it can't be repaired, any ideas on the best current replacement (the AKG is about 12 years old, so I can't complain too much!)


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AKG's website lists the C419 as discontinued but hopefully spares are still available.

the service documentation - AKG Acoustics | Microphones and Headphones - shows a diagram of the C419 which indicates that the clip is replaceable, although it seems to be held on with a nut that may need some kind of peg spanner to remove it.

The C519, which seems to have superceeded the 419 has a spring clip that's attached with a philips head screw - Professional Audio Solutions - Headphones and Microphones | AKG Acoustics

hope this is of some help. I've never been that keen on the clip on mics I've tried, so can't recommend a replacement, maybe someone else will have more knowledge
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Thanks for your response. The documentation was helpful in that I managed to get a couple of plates off the mic but still couldn't access the area where I think the problem lies.

Advice form "people who know" here in Hong Kong suggests that, with our extreme humidity, I've been very lucky for it to last this long - and to just get a new done.

Thanks again.
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