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Jazz Michael Brecker - Round Midnight (Solo)

'Round midnight is great tune, I love it and when he plays the tune it sounds really, really good but... (and you knew there would be one), all those random notes that scream "look how fast I can play the sax!!!" are just too much and IMHO ruin the whole thing. If I was a heckler in the audience (god forbid ' cos that's just not me) I'd be shouting "just play the bloody tune and stop fu**ing about with it!".

Perhaps I'm just a Luddite, I took ages moving from film to digital.

To me Moz, he is getting inside the tune and expanding it, I think its a bloody fantastic rendition... a Brave solo from a master musician...Each to his/her own though... :)
Laluna glad you liked it.
PS I still use video tapes...!!!
This is just a thought which really means nothing, but isn't it strange that Ada Rovatti who plays in a style very similar to Michael Brecker married his brother Randy?
A bit like Phil Woods marrying Chan Richardson, Charlie Parker's widow.

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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