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Hi all,
Been thinking about getting a Metalite for my Tenor, anybody out there tried a M5 or M7 or both. If so what are your view's, specificaly how does the 95 tip opening compare with the 105 opening as regards tone, control, power etc. Your view's much appreciated.
Regards Rob.
Haven't compared the tips, just have an M7. Preferred the sound of the graftonite B5... Metallite wasn't any hader to play when I used a half grade softer reed than I'd been using on the graftonite. And the PPT. But don't let that put you off. They're good value and not difficult to play.

Must dig the metallite out again. Always good to play around.
I've had loads, including the ones you mention. I bought up a load of them as 'New Old Stock' before Rico reintroduced them. I found the M7 to be better than the M5, just seemed to play a bit better, louder with a thicker tone. More flexible in what I could do with it, too. Might just be my personal preference for a wider tip opening - in turn I preferred the M9 over the M7. Interestingly, though, on baritone I much preferred the M7 to the M9. On alto and sop, the M7 felt the best to me but there wasn't as much in it compared to the baritone..

One observation is that Metalites do feel a bit big in the mouth, particularly after a narrow metal piece.
Just blew my M7 with an RJS 2M filed. Sounded better than I remember it doing on Rico Royals. However it's been a long time and I hope some of it is me improving...

Then switched to the PPT. Big difference in sound - fatter, richer and more control over the edge. But harder to control.

I don't think you'll be disappointed with the metallite. It's a good mouthpiece.

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