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Merry christmas to all from downunder


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I would like to say a merry christmas to everyone from the cafe.
I hope you are all blessed with health peace and happiness for today and the coming new year.

Let us all remember what christmas is about and pray for those that are in wartorn countries or in places of
famine or hunger.
and if we could overcome the difficulies we each face with our sax playing that would be awesome.
God bless you all


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Being at the "down under" stage of my travels just now, in Brisbane in fact, greetings to you all. The soprano is still in 1 piece, well 2 to be strictly accurate, playing sweetly, and I've had a few interesting jam sessions along the way with more to come I hope.

Well, Christmas Day is almost over here as you lot in the UK sit down to your turkey, so enjoy and may peace be with you.
Christmas Day here in the states is just starting afternoon but it's never too late to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! I actually had the opportunity to play my tenor in our Church's orchestra for Christmas Eve service. It was probably the most enjoyable Christmas Eve service that I have attended in many years!
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