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Melodic Structures, playing the 1235


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I am currently working on the Jerry Bergonzi book 1 called melodic structures where you improvise on the 1,2,3,5 of a major chord and dominant 7th chord and the 1,3,4,5 of a minor

So far, so good, I'm getting a lot out of it and mixing up the starting note and patterns etc, its changing some habits I have got into

For altered chords using this method you reflect the alteration so if it is eg C7 b9 , you can play C,Db,E,G

I have come unstuck applying this to Aebersold playalongs on +9 chords as he uses the #9 as an altered chord with all kinds of buggering about done to it: C7+9 (also has b9, #4, #5)

In the context of the Bergonzi method of 1235, and the Aebersold +9 style chord, I guess for C7+9 I end up with:

C, Db (the flat 9th), D# (the sharp 9th), G# (the sharp 5th)



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Tricky terrain... Chords and scales not always match...

I would say C Db E G# OR C D#E G# : you choose the 9th but keep the 3rd

But I would probably play C#D#E G#, for tension's sake

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Pretty much everything works here as long as you don't include a D or leave out the E. One of those situations you gotta try everything and listen for what you like for what context. I would start with whatever 9th and 5th the piano is playing, though.


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Thanks all indeed, very useful and appreciated

In fact the C#D#E G# match the Bouchard Altered Pentatonic I have been looking at
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