Melissa Aldana

Ville K.

I ordered some Gonzales reeds and found an advertisement inside the reed box. It presented a saxophonist from Chile that I hadn't heard before: Melissa Aldana. It raised my curiosity and I did a search on the net and found her own website with sound clips. Have a look:

Melissa Aldana

Melissa Aldana Trio: ”Flip Flop”

She's a beauty and blows beautifully too! Knowing that Aldana is just 22 years old and already so accomplished one can wait for good things from her career!

I came to think about it and then realised that I don't know that many professional female saxophonists apart from Candy Dulfer. Well, thanks to Cafe I became aware of Kaori Kobayashi. But unlike Dulfer and Kobayashi, Aldana plays my favorite sax from the saxophone family ;}
Nice find. She's 22 - how old is that keys player? 15?
Next time I go to Chile (Santiago, and the Andes for Skiing, a great combination) I must try and catch her set, great player in the making....

Thanks for posting VK.
Very good.
It seems she's now based in NY, and has an album out.
One to watch, I think.
Been listening to this young lady a lot recently, her tone is fabulous.
She’s obviously improved massively since the OP posted back in 2011, i think she’ll go far ;)
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This needs to be merged @Jeanette
We have two Melissa Aldana’s which wouldn’t be a bad thing !
According to a Downbeat interview / article a few years ago she plays on a Mark VI her grandfather use to own / play...

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