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Melissa Aldana

Ville K.

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I ordered some Gonzales reeds and found an advertisement inside the reed box. It presented a saxophonist from Chile that I hadn't heard before: Melissa Aldana. It raised my curiosity and I did a search on the net and found her own website with sound clips. Have a look:

Melissa Aldana

Melissa Aldana Trio: ”Flip Flop”

She's a beauty and blows beautifully too! Knowing that Aldana is just 22 years old and already so accomplished one can wait for good things from her career!

I came to think about it and then realised that I don't know that many professional female saxophonists apart from Candy Dulfer. Well, thanks to Cafe I became aware of Kaori Kobayashi. But unlike Dulfer and Kobayashi, Aldana plays my favorite sax from the saxophone family ;}
Next time I go to Chile (Santiago, and the Andes for Skiing, a great combination) I must try and catch her set, great player in the making....

Thanks for posting VK.
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