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Medley of jazz material...


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Hello all,
Last Spring through Summer of 2012, Chris Knowles and I collaborated on
5 CD's worth of original jazz material.
I've put together a brief medley from that collection which compiled 44 tunes.

Aside from those who have already heard this music, if anyone is interested in purchasing
any of the 5 CD's please contact Chris Knowles, or as he's more affectionately known as, 'Chris'.
Any potential proceeds go entirely to Mr. Knowles. The only ulterior motive I have is that
Chris possibly makes some profit for his efforts. I'm sincerely not interested in making a dime. Chris allowed me to
document these recordings and that is reward enough for me....

I've listened to them recently and they aren't half bad....Hey, it's worth a shot.....
If not interested, then simply enjoy the medley...

Thank you...


Scottish Borders
Hi Mike
I love all that..followed it on to Sneaky Pants & Sugar Free all that...supercool...many thanks...

Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
Definitely worth a listen for those who haven't heard this music. Mike has a unique approach to his playing combining old school tone and technique with atonal "melodic" playing. You won't hear anyone else like him. Very unique and very professional with Chris’ backing tracks. I have several of these CDs and highly recommend.


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Had a unique
Thank You Wade, we appreciate that you enjoy the music.
People should always embrace what element of music is best suited for them.
There is never a right or wrong in the realm of art. It's always situated in a very personal space which occupies
the infinity of the individual mind....

Thank you Strobe!
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