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Nick Cook

Wokingham, Berks, UK


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Nice and blingy Nick, looks really cool. Have you decided what you are going to get yet?
I would like to have a go on a Mauriat I must admit.

I like the look of the UL ones though

Nice and blingy Nick, looks really cool. Have you decided what you are going to get yet?

Not yet Phil - showed this picture to the missus last night. She just said 'NO'!

Will probably have a more serious look after Christmas.
That's the "Black Pearl" right? I've been oggling these two from Rampone:

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I really really really want a Rampone. Don't know why just like the name, they look gorgeous and 'cos they're Italian! Typical woman eh? I buy a car because of the colour and I don't care!
You could always go for a Borgani handmade Jubilee Tenor in 24ct Gold Pearl from Sax Heaven in Oxford for under £2000 - much better value.........
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Jonathan Myall music aka justflutes are also a Mauriat dealership and yes we do have the black nickel with silver keyed tenor in stock. We are also a cannonball dealer oh and also sell yanigasawa, selmer, keilworth, yamaha, trevor james, antigua saxes so dont be fooled by the web address
Nice one Griff! I'll have a try next time I'm down there even though I can't afford one just now. Meanwhile, still love my Mauriat matt laquer alto - with Jody Jazz Classic mpc and La Voz reeds - and people comment on its lovely tone (as you know yourself Griff, from hearing it and maintaining it for me!).
:))) tho' I wouldn't know what he says to the girls, except that he's a pretty smooth player himself!

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