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"Martinmods" large chamber bari mouthpiece


For sale: A Lance Burton (Martinmods) created bari mouthpiece, especially designed for vintage American bari saxes that need a large volume mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece was designed with a Berg Larsen (medium baffle) in mind. It works well on my Martin bari, but there are three reasons why I want to sell it:

- It is too bright for me. My sound concept for bari is old fashioned; mellow and warm. My Erik Greiffenhagen bari piece delivers that much better.
- Intonation is no better than with my Erik Greiffenhagen piece, which is a marvelous vintage bari mouthpiece, btw! (but far more expensive than the Martinmods mouthpieces)
- I have to pull it out more on the cork than the EG piece (so it wobbles a bit; of course that would be easily solved, if needed)

I bought the mouthpiece a couple of months ago from Lance Burton, and it was hardly used. So in effect, it is almost brand new. Looking back, my EG piece probably already was the optimum for me ;-)

To be honest, the Erik Greiffenhagen piece is better (for me) than the Martinmods piece. But it is far more expensive as well, so it should be ;-)

Asking price for the mouthpiece is 75 euros plus shipping, or please make me a reasonable offer. It is quite slim, so I have used it with my tenor Rovner ligature.

Of course I will donate to Pete's charity fund!

Thanks for looking, and please don't hesitate to send me a PM, in case you have any questions.





Mouthpiece should be over there any day soon, and I'm going to send Pete a donation now :)

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