SOLD Martin Wurlitzer Alto, Fully Overhauled.


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Hi all,

I could do with some cash, so I have decided to let my Martin Wurlitzer go cheap, it is cheap, I have spent some £480.00 on it. :blush: .which was probably way too much but is a long story, :verysad: plays very well though, I actually really like the tone and it does surprisingly play very easily.

I am going to cut my losses and sell it on the forum for £450.00 by bank transfer or Paypal-"Personal payment owed" as I cannot afford the extra fee's, especially when I shall also donate £50 of this sum to Pete.

The Sax was finished off and Regulated by Ray Colomb (£130 for a service) and as such is still under his personal Guarantee.

I am happy to ship to the UK and Europe at cost- you can have the receipt if you like.
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I've moved the off topic posts to saxes and accessories. Please keep discussions here to the sale/purchase of this sax.

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