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SOLD Martin Handcraft Tenor 1934


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As a confirmed Martin fan, it pains me to end up selling this, but I just don't play much tenor any more and there's a bit of downsizing going on round here.. (If anyone want a 30's Aristocrat alto in need of new pads, I'll put that up here as well..)

So.... a Martin Handcraft tenor "phase 3", S/N 108244, nickel plated keys and not much lacquer, a couple of dings in the crook, but not irreparable. The body's surprisingly free of dents - a little bit of rippling in the metal at the bow. One of the palm key posts may be slightly pushed in very slightly and may have been resoldered, it's difficult to see properly.
Plays ok, but could definitely do with a proper set up, the shop I got it from fixed it up good enough to play and the pads are about 4-5 years old, but to get the best out of it, it needs a bit more attention..
Could do with stripping and cleaning, I've thought about delacquering it, but preferred to leave it as is

The sound is tremendous, big and fat and roaring, just like you'd expect from a Martin and it's put up with every mouthpiece I've tried on it, from a Guardala copy and a Runyon Bionix to a Tone Edge or a Rousseau 3R
I've got this on Ebay for £550 and have had several enquiries, but for you fine folks we'll start at £480 - I'm open to offers.. and of course I'll make a 5% donation

oh, and this comes in a Gator ABS case with key and everything, only blemish is a split in one of the rubber feet on the end.. you can also have the old tatty Martin case with a dodgy latch for free...

would prefer collection, but could buy a big cardboard box and a load of bubble wrap and find a decent courier, if you want to pay for that
or you could come and try it out :)

more pics here -




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