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Saxophones Martin Handcraft Elkhart Comm II


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I have a classic tenor sax that was used all throughout HS and college that hasn't been opened until just recently...nearly 30 years later...I noticed it somehow got bent/twisted near the bell...not terribly from an aesthetic standpoint...just enough not to be usable as it is. I brought it to a music store to see about getting it fixed. They told me it would cost about $1,000 to repair and get into good working order. Then I placed it on a list serve to sell without naming a price. I just said it was a Martin tenor and was wondering if anyone was interested in purchasing it. I've gotten tons of responses. How do I begin to figure out the value of the sax especially since it needs repair?

Serial Number: 133078
Martin Comm II Low Pitch

Thanks for any advice

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Stick it on ebay and see what you get. A thing is only worth what you can get for it.


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Where are you? It'll have a big effect on value and repair cost.

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