Martin Handcraft Committee baritone ---SOLD---

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Another lovely old Martin. This one has been my main baritone for a few years, plenty of sound clips coming soon. It has a DIY aux F key added or repaired/replaced. Not too pretty but it works!. The top F has been repaired at some time. A few dings in the bow have been knocked out, but left some old but honourable battle scars. Ser. 139021. I believe this to be a Handcraft Committee, if anyone knows any different please let me know!

It has been kept in very good blowing order by Stephen Howard.

Price is £925 plus shipping plus 15% VAT to UK and EU


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To me it looks like it's a Martin Handcraft Committee (I) from -38-39. The early ones can have a brace on the neck as well. The adjustable thumbrest also can appear on the Martin HC Comm I bari. Around 118XXX Martin did some changes. If your sax is stamped U.S below the engraving, it's probably a "government sax" (US Army, US Airforce ...) . They was always silverplated! Great saxes. All Commettees saxes are among the best saxes you can get. All Rocksaxophonists: Hurry up!. These saxes rocks!



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re . Martin bari

Dear Pete, sorry to say that due to an unexpected domestic emergency I will not be able to proceed with the purchase of the martin. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience. Peter ( Honker)

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