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Marmite & Peany-B (what?..)

Look right, I know you're all gonna say I'm mad but this sarnie is awesome. If you think that you're one of those people that dislikes marmite, think of this one as a kind of satay sandwich, except without the chicken, skewer and coconut. The heavyness of the peanut butter is really nicely tempered by all the crispy fresh bits (and salty tang of the marmite) Trust me, even if you hate marmite this one really swings (in the jazz sense, not in the sense of going to strange suburban parties with loads of middle aged people that work for DVLA and HMRC all doing strange thins to each other's wives / husbands..)

  • Bread (your fave one)
  • Marmite - just a scrape if you're a Newbie
  • Peaut butter (Whole Earth is Good, not the run of the mill supermarket s*** that's full of sugar / dextrose etc.. I've never been able to understand why they add that to PB..?)
  • Salad - lettuce, tomato, cuc's or whatever - spring onion works well
  • Mayonnaise - Yes, mayonnaise
  • A dash of tabasco or other similar chilli sauce


That sounds really good to me. But then, I am probably the only purebred American within a fifty mile radius of Baltimore, Maryland who likes Marmite. :) I stole the recipe and forwarded it to my friend, who grew up in London and Paris, becasue she is a big fan of Marmite.


Busking Oracle
Sounds great, where do I get an application form

The sarnie sounds quite nice too! :)))>:)


Jake, that is just so wrong.... And yes i tried it. Love marmite, love PB. But you want us to add mayonnaise and onion?? >:)

Reminds me years ago i told my niece who did not want to eat mussels that she should try them as she would not know if they were nice or not, anyway she had a penchant for tuna and jam sandwiches and asked me to try it and i said no way as it would be horrible, anyway i got back " well uncle Phil, if you don't try it you won't know if it's nice or not!" So i did, yep was horrible so i have always tried stuff before dismissing it.
You're a brave man!!! :)))
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