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Saxophones Mark VI tenor for £1,600 too good to be true?


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I think so...

A few alarms bells ringing (aside from the price!), it's American engraved, there's a reference to money paid in dollars in the description, looks like two sets of accessories which is strange (I count 5 neck straps and 7 mouthpieces).

A quick google shows the description and photos are lifted from this (old) listing: Selmer MK VI Tenor Saxophone.1964. (Paris) ''ONE OWNER''. Hard to find.. | eBay

Looks to be a total scam...But how would a scam even work on eBay - my understanding is that Paypal and eBay heavily favour the buyer?


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Yes, eBay will favour the buyer and PayPal will refund them BUT the hacker will have withdrawn the funds from PayPal to his bank account and then closed the account. Don't ask me how they manage to fool PayPal into opening so many accounts but I understand this is the way it works. So, the buyer gets nothing but a long winded refund. PayPal lose £1,600. Scammy the hacker wins.

I think the cameras sold are a smokescreen to help it look genuine. They have the same MO "1 bid sale." And the MkVI scam give away was the overhaul at $800 rather than £800. Forgot to change that!

The eBay account holder will be unaware of the sale. Hasn't been on their account for over a year by my reckoning.


Yup, or buyer may be offered a ‘deal’ to pay direct for less as seller has ‘problem’ with PayPal. They usually offer collection (from somewhere miles away) to look legit. Loads of it going on in the classic car market on there sadly.

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