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Mark VI Soprano 293XXX Silver Plate, Dark Lacquer Keys


Senior Member
Hi all,

I am selling my silver plate mark VI soprano. I am looking for £2300 OBO including a 5% donation to the forum.

I've had it for about 6 years and rarely played it. The silver plate is in great condition apart from a few minor scratches near the cork at the top. Perhaps a previous owner wore a ring while putting the mouthpiece on...? It is in excellent condition overall, the action feels great and it plays from top to bottom easily. It was very recently serviced (a couple of months ago), the pads that needed replacing were replaced and it was regulated and still plays great.

As you can see the keys have a dark almost orange lacquer, I am not sure if this is original or if this was a later modification. I have never seen another mark VI like it and it always attracts attention at gigs. I have made a couple of modifications, a strap hook was added and an oleg front F key was added. The oleg key is not quite adjusted right, it sometimes causes the adjacent key to not seal properly. It is up to the buyer whether they want the sax with the key on or off. If you are prepared to work with a tech to get the key working right I am sure it can be made to work properly but it might take a bit of tinkering and patience. Otherwise if you don't want the hassle I can have it removed before selling. The installation did not leave any lasting marks or effects on the sax, it just fixes on over the key work, no drilling/soldering etc.

I am selling the sax in the original case which has seen better days. There is a wood panel missing at one end and another one starting to go at the other end. The sax is still very secure in the case but is slightly exposed. It does not move around. This case will do the job for a while but you will need to invest in another case at some point in the future, depending on your needs.

I am based in north west london and you are very welcome to come and play the sax and have a look. It really is a fantastic instrument, it makes a beautiful sound. The later mark VI sopranos are sometimes said to have better intonation and I have never felt that intonation was an issue on this instrument. The tone is very sweet and is big and powerful when pushed. I would say it leans towards the darker end of the spectrum.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to come and see the sax.

I should also mention that I am selling this soprano to fund the purchase of a baritone sax so I would be very interested in any offers of a trade for a good preferably (but not necessarily) low A baritone. My first choice would be a keilwerth or keilwerth stencil but I'll seriously consider any offers.
didn't sell on ebay, how about a price reduction:
does £2000 (plus shipping) tempt anyone on here before i relist it on ebay?


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